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Mana Pottery
is the support organization of the Peyote Way Church. When you buy Mana Pottery, you not only support American handmade products, but you are also helping to support Peyote conservation.

How to Find Us

If you are coming by air, the flight to Phoenix is usually cheaper, but Tucson is a nicer place. Either way, you will have to rent a car.

Coming from Phoenix (Airport)

For food supplies, there is a Whole Foods on Baseline and Rural Rd, near the highway. To get there, take 202E to Rural Rd exit. Head south to Baseline Rd and the Whole Foods Store. Turn north one block to get onto 60 and continue east (or 202E), then follow the rest of the instructions below.

From the airport east exit, take Loop 202 to "60E Globe" where it becomes HWY 70. You will not notice this transition--it is all the same road. Take Hwy 70 East through Globe. Be sure to get gas and food in Globe.

Continue on HWY 70. Midway between Fort Thomas and Pima, on the right, is a sign for the Aravaipa Klondyke Rd. On the left side of the road, across from the sign and turn, is an electrical substation (landmark). Turn right onto Aravaipa Klondyke Rd. Follow the 26 mile dirt road carefully as it can be slippery when wet and also has a few surprises for the unprepared driver. At the bottom of the last hill, the road forks. To the right is Klondyke. Turn LEFT towards Bonita.

After going three miles you will come to a red mailbox with "Mana" on the box and 30800 in reflective numbers on the post. Turn right, cross the wash, enter at the gate and drive in. Dogs are friendly.

Coming from Tucson

Note: This road is not to be taken during inclement weather. If stormy, call before coming in this way.

Take I-10 East to Willcox/Rex Allen Drive Exit 340. Be sure to get gas at truck stop there.

Take the Fort Grant Road (turn left at stop sign off I-10), which crosses over I-10 to Bonita. There is a Fort Grant Road sign over the overpass to indicate you are on the right road. There are three stop signs. The first stop sign is about 17 miles in. (Ash Creek Road) As you come to this road, you will see that it becomes dirt beyond the stop sign and glass greenhouses and a paved road are on the left. Turn left, pass the Tomato Nurseries.

The next stop sign is about two miles. On the opposite side of the road is a grain tower. Turn right. At a wide turn in the road you will see a road which appears to go straight, but actually goes to the left. Stay with the right turn. There is no stop sign. At the next stop sign, which is also a dead end, turn left to Klondyke. This next 18 - 20 miles is unpaved and washboardy, can be treacherous during rainstorms, and is subject to flash floods. You will cross nine cattle guards. (at cattle guard 5 you will see a steel shed, cattle guard 6 a sign for Eureka Springs Ranch, cattle guard 8 a sign for Klondyke, cattle guard 9 a sign for Deer Creek Road). After 18 miles you will see a sign for the Deer Creek Road. Don't turn. The church is another two miles.

The road to the church is marked by a red mailbox with "Peyote Way" and 30800 in reflective letters on the post. There are lots of reflectors on box and post. Turn left, cross the wash, enter at the gate and drive in. Dogs are friendly.

sign at the entrance to the Peyote Way Church


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