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Mana Pottery
is the support organization of the Peyote Way Church. When you buy Mana Pottery, you not only support American handmade products, but you are also helping to support Peyote conservation.

What We Believe

The seal of the Peyote Way Church
The seal of the Peyote Way Church represents a four leaf lotus surrounded by the circle of all DNA-based life. The lotus is comprised of the infinite universe of male and the infinite universe of female, which together form the flower, the symbol of life, centered in the eye of God/dess.

People often want to know what we believe, but our purpose in designing the Peyote Way Church was not to create more dogma. Our purpose was to make the Holy Sacrament Peyote available to seekers in a safe environment. So, when you ask what we believe, our answer may be a bit vague.

What we believe is personal, and we are not interested in forcing our beliefs on anyone else. We also believe that the government has no place inside your conscience.

We focus more on conduct and being present. The mural on the Congregation House depicts symbols of five major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Peyote is available to the communicant regardless of his/her religious preference.

Sunrise after Spirit Walk
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