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Mana Pottery
is the support organization of the Peyote Way Church. When you buy Mana Pottery, you not only support American handmade products, but you are also helping to support Peyote conservation.

My experience was incredibly intense and unpleasant, but this later turned into an incredibly positive life-changing event for which I am very grateful to you all.
Spirit Walks by appointment only. And since our schedule can fill up quickly, please contact the Church 2 months in advance of your desired Spirit Walk date.
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The Peyote Way Church of God is a non-sectarian, multicultural, experiential, Peyotist organization located in southeastern Arizona, in the remote Aravaipa wilderness. It is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Native American Church, or any other religious organizations, though we do accept people from all faiths. Church membership is open to all races. We encourage individuals to create their own rituals as they become acquainted with the great mystery. We believe that the Holy Sacrament Peyote, when taken according to our sacramental procedure and combined with a holistic lifestyle (see Word of Wisdom), can lead an individual toward a more spiritual life.

Peyote is currently listed as a controlled substance and its religious use is protected by Federal law only for Native American members of the Native American Church. Non-Indian Peyote use is protected in five states : AZ, NM, CO, NV, and OR. We do not have access to Peyote where it grows in South Texas and Mexico. As it is an endangered species, we believe an essential and inseparable part of our religious practice is the growing and stewardship of the Holy Sacrament Peyote.

The Church records 140 Associate members and 12 clergy. Vowed clergy members steward church grounds near Klondyke, meeting the church's financial obligations by producing and selling "Mana" black-rimmed earthenware pottery and paintings. The pottery is the work of Rabbi Matthew S. Kent, Rev. Anne L. Zapf and Rev. Immanuel Trujillo. Mana is the secular vehicle and financial arm of the Peyote Way Church of God.

by Immanuel Trujillo
Before passing out of this material realm, Rev Immanuel Trujillo spent a great deal of time writing beautiful words of wisdom. We are pleased to offer one of his essential and existential teachings in a 24 page 6X9 booklet with a color cover picturing one of Immanuel's last paintings. The Trinity and the Always gives insight into coexisting in the realm of the spirit while still in the material world. We hope to offer more of his insights and revelations in the near future.
Peyote is a spiritual medicine. It can bring us in touch with the God within us, our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother. Peyote puts us in balance again with the Earth underneath our feet... Peyote is a plant sacrament. It is a plant teacher. It is a way of life. Our time in these bodies is brief. When we eat the Peyote we experience time and eternity, and it is from that vantage that, the next day, we can live our life in a very positive and non-trivial way, realizing that this day could be the last and everyone around us is our brother and sister and we need each other.
—Rabbi Matthew S. Kent
February 2018

International Transpersonal Conference: SEP 28-OCT 1, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

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Lectures, panel discussions & experiential workshops led by legendary founders and key figures of transpersonal psychology will explore Inner Ecology, Psychedelics, Shamanism, Holotropic Art and much more. »GET ALL THE INFO AT THE CONFERENCE SITE


April 2017, An exciting new book, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RIVER, explores Joe Tafur’s extensive experience with ayahuasca and traditional medicine in the Amazon Rainforest. During his intensive work at the Peruvian healing center Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, Dr. Tafur studied Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine (TAPM) and Shipibo shamanism, learning how shamanic approaches can help heal anxiety, depression, PTSD, migraine headaches and digestive problems...

OCTOBER 5-8, 2015: Four church members join us to re-shingle the Congregation House!

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Village Voice Publishes Article about the Peyote Way Church

September 29 2014, we celebrated the anticipated sabbatical of Deacon Tristan Zapf-Kent, who has served the church for 9 years as Church Deacon, student of Mana Pottery and caregiver of now deceased Rev Immanuel Trujillo. We are grateful for his energetic service and faithfulness in serving visitors and Spirit Walk communicants with humility and grace. Thank you, Deacon Tristan. Any letters of support can be sent to the Church.

Monstrous tranmission lines through Aravaipa and other irreplaceable lands in Arizona are not the answer!
This is a long battle to save our sacred wildlands that is being waged heroically by The Cascabel Working Group, a grassroots organization concerned with the cultural and ecological integrity of the lower/middle San Pedro Valley. »LEARN MORE

Mana, the heart of Mana Pottery and the co-founder of The Peyote Way Church, left us on June 24, 2010. He is survived by sons Billie, Veran and Will, daughters Bonney Lou, Tamara and Faith, many grandchildren and numerous members and visitors to the Peyote Way Church of God, who loved him. Memorial date is set for 9/11/10 from 1-5pm.

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